artist statement


A creative journey through life

Each day is a journey and the journey itself home – Matsuo Bashō            

I am fascinated by the intimate relationship between First Nation peoples and the natural world. How abstract forms and natural objects contain or embody complex narratives, ideas, and personal or collective memories for them: recording and directing their movement through life, landscape, and time, and often passed down through generations.

Taking organic or biological forms as a starting point, I gradually develop, simplify, abstract – connecting with, and channelling, my own direct, emotional and instinctive responses to the world around me. During this creative process, I imbue the emerging sculpture with meaning – a story, remembrance, question, experience, emotion –recording my own journey through time and space, both imagined and real.



Recording in stone                                                 

I prefer to explore my ideas through the medium of stone carving, although I sometimes work with wood. Both materials are, by their very nature, storing memories of archaic landscapes and seasons. Whilst carving, I am constantly aware of time passing under my hands as the process often uncovers tiny fossil and shell inclusions laid down over millions of years.

Design, preparation, and finishing take place in the relatively clean environment of my studio whilst all the carving work takes place in my shed in the garden. When carving, I can’t help but feel very close to my natural surroundings and the vagaries of the weather.

I love the physical and tactile nature of stone carving, constantly checking the outlines of the emerging shapes and planes with my hands whilst working. It takes some time at first to remove sections of the stone to reach a rough form, but then I’ll observe some ‘movement’ or detail starting to appear and my heart lifts, my concentration focuses on uncovering the complexities of the previously hidden form.


Images: Adrian Hollister






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